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After the umpteenth serious accident in Montebelluna where a young man was run over and killed by a scaffolding collapse, Euroedile with the National Association of Scaffolders in all construction sites will observe, Friday, April 30 at 17.00, a minute of silence.

Deaths due to falls from heights account for about a third of fatal accidents in the workplace in Italy (1,089 workers in 2019) and 65% of these concern the construction industry. According to an Infor.MO analysis, the 4 major risk factors for falls from heights are represented in order by the breakthrough of the roof for 23.2%, falls from portable ladders for 17.3%, falls from fixed parts of the building for 12.5% while falls from scaffolding account for 10.1%.

"It is no longer acceptable to hear this kind of news. That is why tomorrow our 45 active teams will stop at all construction sites to observe a minute's silence. Too often the newspapers tell in the news of falls of scaffolding, or even people, in construction sites, and in almost all cases this is due to negligence and inexperience - says Nereo Parisotto owner of Euroedile - the careful design, quality of materials and especially the competence and experience of people, are the only way to always work safely.

Ours is not a job that can be improvised: we have always invested in technology, materials but above all in the training of people".

Euroedile has developed 5 life-saving rules for good scaffolding:

1 - The inspection - fundamental above all to foresee various common problems in the installation, such as access points, anchorage points, critical points. The inspection is essential to understand the environment in which you are going to operate, laying the foundations for the solutions to be used.

2 - Design - the project must be carried out according to the work required and the customer's needs, preparing precise structural calculations in order to define the type of scaffolding to be used and the precise plan for assembly, use and dismantling.

3 - Scaffolding always in good condition - This is another essential part that is often not adhered to, and is crucial for the safety of workers. Scaffolding should always be checked before leaving the warehouse.

4 - A good set up team - This is the most critical part because each job requires different skill levels, in-depth maturity and knowledge and the team must be properly trained for that specific job.

5 - Daily check and control after the installation of the scaffolding, in order to provide for those small interventions, changes and adjustments that sometimes become necessary during the course of the work and that must not in any way compromise safety in compliance with the customer's needs.