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The scaffolding for the Aquileia Tower

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The 22-storey, 80-metre-high Aquileia Tower dominates the landscape of Lido di Jesolo and is one of the most important works ever built in the Venetian town.
The polygonal shape of this complex was designed to create a true "window on the sea", since all the flats created have a view of the lagoon and the sea itself.
In order to allow the construction of the tower, we were chosen to create a scaffolding that would allow all the work to be carried out easily. The work began in 2007 and required no less than 8400 square metres of fixed scaffolding with prefabricated frames to carry out all the provisional work, adequately protected throughout its surface by a protective net to prevent materials from falling.
For static reasons, given the size of the scaffolding structure, we had to double the legs at the base of the scaffolding itself.
In order to allow the transport of materials for internal work (plasterboard, tiles, doors and windows, sanitary ware, furniture) directly accessible from each floor of the building, we installed a 6 m long central lift of the twin-mast type along the entire height of the tower.
On the other hand, a closed-cabin lift with a maximum load capacity of 500 kg was set up to serve the people who had to access the various floors of the tower in order to allow them to get in and out easily. This site also required a great deal of professionalism, both in terms of design and execution, combined with a natural flexibility and experience in dealing with problems during construction.

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