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Indian Bridge - Florence

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The Indian Bridge of Florence is a bridge called "strallato" in which the road surface is supported by a series of high-strength cables (the stays). It was the first in the world with the pylons supporting the stays anchored to the ground without intermediate supports in the river and remains one of the largest in Europe for this type of construction, with a single span of 210 meters. The challenge we had to face was to create a suspended scaffolding, which would allow access to the maintenance technicians at the anchorage points between the cables and the pylons, as they were deteriorated by the weather; all this without creating any discomfort and interruption to the traffic below! The maintenance was easily carried out with the installation of a hoist, installed up to a height of 40 m and allowed to reach the working area at speed. From this point we set up a suspended scaffolding up to the height of the last stay. Work realized in 2004.