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Suspended in the void at "30 floors high" to scaffold the bridge that could become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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In Paderno d'Adda used material for an area as large as the entire Piazza del Popolo of Rome

A team of fifteen specialized workers and technicians at work suspended in the void at a height of 85 meters for forty days; 10 thousand square meters of suspended scaffolding to cover the arch of the bridge for a total weight of 6080 quintals and in the end the "Eiffel Tower of Brianza" was completely "caged". Euroedile di Postioma di Paese (Tv), European leader in the sector and already known for having built the Portofino gangway, was successful in this undertaking. "Luigi Notari" S.p.A., on behalf of RFI, owner and manager of the bridge, was commissioned by "Luigi Notari" S.p.A. to install the scaffolding to allow the restoration of Ponte San Michele, in the province of Lecco.

Fifteen or so workers with the roles of "key" and "half key" were involved in the work of scaffolding, developing with their work a scaffolding surface of 17600 square metres... as if the entire Piazza del Popolo in Rome were covered with scaffolding . Of these 10,000 square meters are in suspension.

Some of the workers who contributed to the record-breaking scaffolding in Paderno d'Adda were hired after the appeal launched last January by the owner of Euroedile. The entrepreneur from Treviso, in fact, from August to December 2018, had been forced to give up orders for almost one million euros due to the lack of specialized personnel.

"The media resonance we had after the announcement of personal research on socials allowed us to come into contact with specialized workers with "key" and "half key" roles that were very important to realize this extraordinary scaffolding work carried out on a bridge with unusual characteristics" saidNereoParisotto.

"If we have succeeded in this feat, then we owe it to the press as well, and so I would like to thank all the newspapers that indirectly enabled us to recruit the staff we have been looking for for a long time. It has been a complex scaffolding because it is a unique bridge of its kind, where there are all the difficulties imaginable. Working at almost a hundred metres, on a structure full of curves, requires the highest safety requirements but also great skill on the part of technicians and workers," said Euroedile's administrator Nereo Parisotto.

The scaffolding was created ad hoc by the technical office directed by Engineer Alessandro Zanatta and all the pieces were computer designed. In the headquarters of Postioma di Paese the "Eiffel Tower of Brianza" was also rebuilt in pieces and a simulation of all the work was carried out. Thanks to the securing of the structure by Euroedile, the two bicycle lanes two and a half meters wide and the pedestrian lane one meter wide were built and inaugurated in recent days in the presence of the CEO of RFI.

Slopes that allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the structure without having to make a detour 17 kilometres long. "It is a testimony of industrial archaeology, engineering, which is a feather in Italy's cap. I have heard that it can become a Unesco World Heritage Site. I hope that our intervention will help to make this dream come true," said Maurizio Gentile, CEO of RFI.

"It is a very important challenge - said Fabrizio Notari of the company in charge of the restoration - we have carried it out in a very good way from all points of view and with the Treviso company we have had an excellent synergy that I believe will bring about excellent future relations" said the representative of "Luigi Notari" S.p.A. of Milan.

"We are proud to have been chosen for the safety of this wonderful bridge that I consider a work of art - explains Nereo Parisotto, founder and sole administrator of Euroedile - . I think our experience has been rewarded especially in construction sites and situations at the limits for which we specialize".

St. Michael's is a historic bridge, unique of its kind that with the symbol of Paris has in common the age and the iron structure.

The regional councillor for Mobility Claudia MariaTerzi and the mayors Michele Pellegrini from Calusco and Renzo Rotta from Paderno were also present at the opening ceremony of the cycle/pedestrian lane, thanking the companies that are working and in particular the workers. "We have seen workers at work in the scaffolding as daring as they are spectacular" said the first citizen of Paderno d'Adda.

After cutting the ribbon of the pedestrian walkway, the restoration work will get to the heart of the matter: "Our scaffolding has been designed and built to remain in place for a long time and not to be dismantled during the various phases of the restoration, for example when the structure will be sandblasted or when it will be painted and will shine as it once did", concludes Lorenzo Munarin , Euroedile's site manager at the San Michele bridge. 

Country Postioma, 8 April 2019