Sfoglia altre lingue

Learn a trade and qualify: Ponteggi Euroedile struggles to find scaffolders and challenges the current world of work by starting a "paid" school to train its future staff.

It is certainly a countercurrent but courageous choice: Ponteggi Euroedile, always innovative and attentive to current events, has decided to undertake a training choice to create prepared people in a reality, such as scaffolding, where it is difficult to find specialized personnel.

Today Ponteggi Euroedile, a leading company in the field of special scaffolding for bridges, viaducts, constructions and restorations, which over the last 3 years has seen an increase in turnover of 55% due to the many requests for orders, has decided to sit down and organize a three-month training course for groups of no more than 6 people, strictly paid and with room and board included for those who come from far away.

The difficulty in finding candidates is a need that Ponteggi Euroedile has been declaring for a long time: after having put in the past social ads for the research of specialized personnel, the company from Treviso decided to transfer directly the knowledge in order to create a skilled and prepared workforce. So the final objective is the hiring of those who, in the quarterly period, will show commitment and will obtain good results.

The training process includes theoretical training in the classroom where scaffolding techniques and site management will be described, followed by tutoring with dedicated tutors in the warehouse and in the field.

The signal that Ponteggi Euroedile wants to give is obvious: to teach a highly specialized profession and to give a positive example to other companies.

Since the beginning of the crisis until today, Italy has lost 420 thousand jobs: in the last 36 months Ponteggi Euroedile has hired about fifty people, but there is still a lack of precise professional figures despite repeated searches through traditional channels. Here is that the necessary but, at the same time, courageous action to train the staff appears a glimmer of light in the not certainly rosy perspective of the Italian panorama.

Further, then, impactful novelty is the attention that Ponteggi Euroedile offers to the candidates: they will receive a salary for the whole period, they will have access to all company services including the canteen and the non-residents will be hosted in a hotel.

The ideal candidate - we read in the portal of Maw, the agency that deals with the recruitment - looks like a smart, willing, motivated to enter into a career of this type and predisposed to manual labor. Fundamental is the knowledge of the Italian language and the predisposition to work in a team.

The action of Ponteggi Euroedile, therefore, is not only a mention of courage but also a clear signal of conscience that, to change the labour market, it is necessary to take the situation in hand and act. "Doing teaches to do" and Ponteggi Euroedile wants to be the right example that, rolling up its sleeves, with positive proposition, the market will come back to smile.