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Euroedile raises the bar and now anyone can really pass.

Having led the way in the scaffolding sector as a leader and experimenter of solutions for facilitating construction sites for 35 years, we set up market research because simplification is not only in the field but also in the correct analysis of the dynamics and in identifying situations that could be driving and beneficial.


All our machines, hoists, construction site lifts and electric scaffolding can be purchased with the Transition 4.0 Bonus!

In fact, with the increase in the price of fixed scaffolding due to the rise in the cost of raw materials and the tightening of deadlines for carrying out work with the 110 % bonus, the lack of material on the market led the most far-sighted and shrewd contractors to use electric scaffolding for work such as installing thermal insulation. This revelation was entirely successful: the electric scaffold proved to be faster, more ergonomic and effective, as well as being, to all intents and purposes, more economical.

In addition, the government machine, with the establishment of targeted industrial policies, has churned out the Transition 4.0 Plan, providing support to companies investing in the modernisation and digitalisation of production processes and the development of new products and dynamics. Electric scaffolding is part of this support plan.

This really is the answer we've been waiting for: as if our cutting-edge products weren't already enough, you can now also buy them with 50% savings!

There are no more excuses: contractors and hirers will be able to grow faster because they will have the latest technology on site and reduce their investment.

Needless to say, the prospect of this intelligent future is one to be seized!