Sfoglia altre lingue

Euroedile has always shouted this and, faithful to its commitments, has demonstrated it for the umpteenth time: the knots in the handkerchief must be untied and the promises scrupulously kept.

It was just at the end of January that the company was planning to organize a paid internship to train new scaffolders because the search for skilled personnel was really tough. 

And so on February 15, the first round started.

Under the aegis of a veteran of the technical office and a capable foreman, 8 boys were called to face a professional training that will open to them an interesting job window.

In the theoretical part, which includes classroom lessons with the help of specially prepared presentations, the individual parts of the scaffold are described in detail and how they can be assembled together. Without forgetting the indoctrination to ensure safety on the construction site, the youngsters are erudite with case studies on how it is possible to create height fittings according to the object in front of them.

What is proposed is not a slavish reading of key words from Wikipedia but, for the occasion, a special manual has been drawn up from scratch, the tangible result of the boundless experience of the Treviso-based company: with photos and simple explanations, future scaffolders are led by the hand to know every step of assembly, the risks they face, the perplexities that a job brings. The rule is that every worksite must be taken, experienced and left in an impeccable manner.

Alongside the theoretical phase, there is a practical section divided into two parts, one in the warehouse and the other on the construction site itself. A skilful foreman who, for the occasion, becomes a valid instructor, shows the youngsters in detail how the theory is applied, pouring all his experience into it: there is nothing more true and complete than a voice from the yard explaining the fundamentals.

Euroedile does not hide its satisfaction for this project: it is the result of years of intuition and reasoning. Investing in training is, today, the salt of the economy: looking at the future through the eyes of these guys infuses positivity and gives the thought that, teaching a profession, the future can be better.