Sfoglia altre lingue

The parish embraced by the scaffolding

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The parish church of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Loreggia, one of the most valuable examples of the Veneto 'eighteenth century', was involved in a general restoration in 2015.
For the occasion, we built a 360° provisional structure that "embraced" the entire building internally and externally by means of a scaffold with prefabricated uprights and frames, suitably covered with protective netting.
In addition, there was a need to protect the building from the weather during the restoration of the roof, without creating any inconvenience for the faithful. In order to do this, we set up a cover above the roof that acted as an "umbrella" ☂, made from a structure made of aluminium beams and covered with polyethylene sheeting. The photos speak for themselves!
The objective of the temporary intervention was achieved, as we were able to guarantee every normal religious function during the entire restoration period.

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