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A scaffold without anchor holes

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The Swiss Ganterbrücke viaduct is one of the most important and complex projects ever built by Euroedile.
It is an imposing structure on the road from Domodossola over the Simplon Pass to Sion.
It was a complex project, characterised by the severe limitations of Swiss regulations, such as the use of the Eurocode for calculating the structure, which is more rigid than the one currently in force in Italy.
In addition to these difficulties, there was the need to maintain the resistance of the scaffolding structure for three years, against snow, strong winds and temperatures falling below 10 degrees.
For these reasons, but also because we wanted to make the most of the work to be carried out, we used new, top-quality materials, hot-dip galvanised steel scaffolding with high resistance to corrosion.
Our men worked up to a height of 180 metres from the bottom of the valley, but the greatest difficulty we faced was having to find a solution to the client's request to erect the suspended scaffolding without drilling holes in the viaduct structure.
How was this possible?
We used the existing holes left by the threaded rods from the formwork used to build the viaduct, and in addition to this, we created special plates which were installed in place of the guard-rail supports.
Here are two numbers:

  • ► Length of the suspension scaffold: 700 m
  • ► Quantity of suspended scaffolding installed: 7093 ql

We believe that these are the works that make us grow, both professionally and humanly, also because of the priceless satisfaction of the awards received at European level.
Work carried out from 2006 to 2009:

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