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Sistemi di allarme per ponteggi

The system is an advanced and reliable product designed for protection against intrusion into scaffolding on construction sites.

It can be installed quickly and easily. The main structure consists of a self-protected watertight plastic cabinet, equipped with "Intruder-protected scaffolding" notice written on a panel, as a deterrent. Inside the structure are housed the control unit equipped with a console, a coded radio receiver and a rechargeable battery. The latter allows the system, in its optimal configuration, in the absence of mains voltage, operating autonomy of at least 12 hours. In the external part, then, generally are placed special bi-directional sensors suitable for outdoor environments, all accompanied by a strong acoustic and light signal capable of signaling the activation of the anti-theft system.

There is no doubt that scaffolding can constitute a particular situation of vulnerability. It often happens that scaffolding on the perimeter of inhabited buildings undergoing external renovation is exploited by malicious criminals who take advantage of it to carry out thefts. For this reason, scaffolding alarm systems are increasingly being used, both on large construction sites and for small renovations of individual houses.

Portata sensori28 m
Tensione220 V
Tempi di montaggiofor a condominium of about 10 units one person half a day

Progettati appositamente per le esigenze dei cantieri

They are equipped with special detectors tested to be installed in such changeable environments, protecting the ascent through the scaffolding as well as any means and equipment of high economic value.

These burglar alarm systems are very easy to install and at the same time efficient and available for rent or sale. This equipment makes it possible to detect and signal the presence of strangers when they enter the protected areas outside working hours, offering security to the inhabitants of the buildings and the company carrying out the work, and preventing unforeseen incidents.

Non esistono leggi che obbligano ad adottare dei sistemi antifurto sui ponteggi, ma a tutti gli effetti i vantaggi sono numerosi: se necessario proteggono dai furti tutta l’area di cantiere ed il parco macchine, non solo il ponteggio; evitano spiacevoli incidenti causati dall’intrusione di personale non autorizzato; consentono interessanti sconti sulle polizze assicurative; prevengono la corresponsabilità che la legge attribuisce all’impresa che utilizza un ponteggio per le opere di ristrutturazione.
Infatti, numerose sentenze hanno più volte preso in esame la richiesta di risarcimento dei danni conseguenti all’attività delittuosa di malintenzionati introdottisi all’interno delle proprietà esclusive, attraverso l’utilizzo dei ponteggi. Nella maggior parte dei casi le sentenze hanno condannato al risarcimento dei danni le imprese appaltatrici, individuando la loro responsabilità nel reato di incauta custodia del bene (art. 2043 c.c.) ed alcune sentenze hanno coinvolto anche l’amministratore di condominio. L’impresa, nell’esecuzione dei lavori, ha l’obbligo di accertare, quindi, che il ponteggio si trovi, per tutta la durata dei lavori, in una situazione tale da non costituire pericolo per i condomini e, in genere, per coloro che vivono o transitano nel condominio.

Garantiamo un alto grado di affidabilità ed efficienza

These systems are to all intents and purposes a 360° anti-intrusion system capable of responding specifically to the typical needs of a construction site.

In particular, one of the most important features that these systems must be equipped with is the possibility to modify or expand their range of action in a timely manner so that they can be readily adapted to the numerous structural variations to which they are subjected. It is very important that the anti-theft system is able to guarantee a high degree of reliability and efficiency and, in particular, to limit as far as possible all problems relating to false alarm signalling. Scaffolding installations are, however, always critical and the result of a compromise between functionality and cost: for this reason they require a specific design, in compliance with current safety and quality regulations, by specialized companies, especially in particular cases subject to public security regulations such as the proximity to courts, courthouses, barracks, prison buildings, military bases, museums, art galleries, jewelry stores, etc.. Depending on the needs, it is possible to increase the system with accessories: GSM telephone dialer, video surveillance, time programmer, relay for switching on site lights, underground wiring, fire alarm, access control devices and attendance identification. Also not to be forgotten are the traditional methods of prevention: suitable lighting of scaffolding at night and the removal, at the end of each working day, of mobile ladders and worktops in the lower part of the building, so as to make it at least less easy access, via scaffolding, to the highest floors.

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Scaffolding for condominiums, scaffolding for private homes, scaffolding for monuments, historical, public and religious buildings, scaffolding for new buildings (in order to avoid theft of tools) and in all construction sites where you want to defend yourself from malicious attack.

Attention all data below may vary depending on model and manufacturer.

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