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Sono strutture modulari temporanee

The roofs are made up of trusses made of aluminium or steel trusses and cladding with polyethylene sheets or sheet metal panels. The use of roofs in building renovations is necessary to protect the interiors of buildings from atmospheric agents because they are particularly prestigious and to carry out the work in a certain time. With this system it is also possible to build open sheds or, in combination with the most varied types of cladding, temporary closed sheds.

Materialealuminium or steel trusses, covered with polyethylene sheets or sheet metal panels;
Passo campatefrom 1.5 to 3 m;
Lunghezza campatecontinuous multiples;
Larghezzafrom 10 to 37 m;
Tempi di montaggioaluminium roofing 100 sqm, 3 people one day.

Coperture con elementi modulari in alluminio

Extremely light, can be lifted even without the use of cranes.

They allow to obtain spans up to about 20 m wide, extremely light, liftable even without the use of cranes, resistant and perfectly rainwatertight. The roof is made of PVC sheets fixed to the truss rails. The main feature of the system is the speed and simplicity of the connection hook of the modular aluminium elements.

To complete the cover there is a side infill system, also made with PVC rails and sheets.

The structure is designed in such a way that one span of stiffening (made with reinforcement pylons and diagonals) every five is sufficient to stabilize the roof. The connection spans are made with a few reinforcement currents.

Coperture con elementi modulari in acciaio

High quality and robustness, specifically designed for frequent and different reuses.

This, combined with the practicality and functionality of the components, guarantees the value of the initial investment over time. Depending on the operating loads, roofing widths of up to 37 metres can be realised. The roof can be realised either in a single pitch or double pitch configuration and can be opened by removing the single panels or by providing special panels with access hatch, to allow the passage of material. The surface of the roof can be walked on and possibly protected laterally by special parapets. The supporting structure consists of stiffening spans alternating with two connecting spans.

Depending on the available lifting equipment, the width of the truss and the type of roof can be installed manually or with the help of a construction crane. The attractive appearance of these roofs means that they can be perfectly integrated into any context and are therefore ideal for applications in urban areas. The roofs are very resistant to hail, have low flammability, are impermeable to most chemicals and are UV resistant. If the intervention is of considerable duration, please do not hesitate to contact our offices who will be able to offer you mobile solutions in order to reduce the length of the cover and therefore save considerably on rental.

Campi d'impiego

Archaeology, restoration in general, stages, grandstands, podiums, road and shipyards, temporary and modular sheds and all the uses in which you need to protect your work from the weather.

Attention all data below may vary depending on model and manufacturer.

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