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Safe and easy transport of people and things at low, medium and high altitudes.

Construction site elevators, unlike elevators, have the cabin completely closed and their movement is of the rack and pinion type. The car slides on a column formed by 1.5 m modular trusses stacked one on top of the other and anchored to the building every 6/9/12 m depending on the model.

Velocitàda 12m/min a 60 m/min;
Capacità di caricoda 500 Kg a 3000 Kg;
Tensione220/380 V;
Altezze massime raggiungibilifino a 400 m;
Larghezza cabina internada 1 m a 2,5 m;
Lunghezza cabina internada 1 m a 5 m;
Ingombro a terra recinzioneda 6 a 30 mq;
Tempi di montaggioascensore monocabina da 1000kg completo, 2 persone 2 giorni;

Indispensabile oltre i venti metri

The construction site elevator is an agile, versatile and handy way to move people and material to the various floors.

When the height of your work exceeds 20 m, the use of construction site elevators becomes almost indispensable. The construction site elevator can be anchored to the scaffold or directly to the building with car dimensions perfectly integrated with your needs and ascent speeds ranging from 12 to 60 meters per minute making the elevation of material and personnel fast and safe. They can be used in the construction or industrial field, sometimes eliminating the need to use building or mobile cranes. The use of these machines makes it possible to achieve the two main objectives of modern construction sites, i.e. greater safety and lower execution costs, speeding up logistics operations and making the company competitive and in step with the times.

Garantiamo la sicurezza

The cabin of our construction site elevators is completely enclosed and roofed to ensure the highest level of safety for the end user.

In Euroedile construction site elevators the column is composed of vertical trusses that can be produced with square or flat triangular sections. The square sections are suitable for the construction of both single and double car lifts. The pylon racks where the pinion acts can be welded or screwed with bolts. The workers using it can never be hit by moving parts as, once installed, the lift must be equipped with a fence at the base and gates at the floor for each access point. The assembly and disassembly of each construction site lift, which must be carried out only and exclusively by competent personnel, is extremely quick.

Campi d’impiego

Restauro monumentale, recupero edilizio, nuova costruzione, raffinerie, ciminiere, serbatoi, dighe, torri eoliche e tutti gli impieghi in cui necessità rapidità e sicurezza di trasporto in quota. Inoltre tantissime sono le applicazioni speciali di questo tipo di macchinario, basti pensare alla manutenzione ordinaria ma sopra tutto straordinaria delle torri eoliche. Insomma molteplici possono essere i campi d’impiego basta solo consultarci senza impegno.Attenzione tutti i dati sotto riportati possono variare a secondo modello e costruttore.

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