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Electric scaffolding and hoists: Euroedile scaffolding brings you to height.

The hoist is a valid electric scaffolding solution that allows you to easily reach the tops. It allows to lead people or materials to the top by loading them on an open basket moved with a rack and pinion system.

The basket slides on a column made up of modular 1.5-metre trusses stacked one on top of the other and anchored to the building every 6/9 metres. The pylons of the electric scaffolding are arranged in single-column and two-column mode which make practicality and versatility their strong points.

Ponteggi Euroedile has many years of experience in the design, production and marketing of products, plants and lifting systems.

In scaffolding, our company is synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability: it carefully studies the needs of the construction site in order to create innovative solutions adapted to customer needs.

Ponteggi Euroedile has a catalogue of different products, offering a complete service to its customers, with design, construction, supply and installation, assistance on site and testing. For a Euroedile scaffolding, great importance is given to the direct relationship with the customer who is supported in every phase with specialized and highly qualified personnel. The products of Euroedile Scaffolding are all made with cutting-edge technology and perfectly meet the regulatory requirements of the laws in force.

Euroedile scaffolding is always one step ahead: it creates the precise and detailed scaffolding for every type of need. When a building site calls, the Euroedile scaffolding comes into play.

Euroedile Scaffolding is always an ideal partner for successful construction sites.

Campi d'impiego

Protection of buildings, churches and bell towers, piles of bridges and viaducts and sides of the road deck, maintenance of facades and roofs and in all uses where there are too many joints to be set up.

Attention all data below may vary depending on model and manufacturer.

Velocitàda 12m/min a 24 m/min;
Capacità di caricoda 300 Kg a 5000 Kg;
Tensione220/380 V;
Altezze massime raggiungibilifino a 300 m;
Larghezzada 1 m a 3 m;
Lunghezza da 1 m a 5 m;
Tempi di montaggiomontacarichi da 1000 Kg altezza 20 m, 2 persone 1 giornata;

Ottima alternativa alla gru

The freight elevator has the advantage of carrying people.

Considering that the crane takes up a lot of space, electric scaffolding with hoists finds an increasingly wide application in the areas of restoration, building recovery and new construction and in the maintenance of bridges and viaducts. An electric scaffolding becomes the ideal solution for lifting things and people because it solves many problems both from an accident prevention point of view and in terms of the economics of shipbuilding management. An electric scaffolding involves a greater speed in the movement of materials and people and a considerable reduction in time and lower costs of execution of the work.

Garantiamo la sicurezza

Electrical scaffolding is safe scaffolding.

The column of an electric scaffold consists of vertical trusses that are produced in various shapes and can therefore be triangular, square or flat. Under current regulations, this type of scaffolding must have an open basket with railings of 1.1 m or more in height.

Among the various safety features of the machine are the emergency parachute brake, the ascent/descent safety limit switch and the terminal pylon with interrupted rack and pinion.

The platform is equipped with appropriate systems for loading/unloading operations on the floors.

Ponteggi Euroedile è sempre un passo avanti ed è leader nella tecnologia e nella garanzia della massima sicurezza.

Campi d’impiego

The electric scaffolding with the hoist can be easily used for monumental restoration works, building recovery, new construction, refineries, chimneys, tanks, silos, dams, removals, solar and photovoltaic panels.

Attention all data below may vary depending on model and manufacturer.

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