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Ponteggi fissi metallici

With just a few light-weight basic elements such as frames, beams, diagonals, and lightweight timber decks, the fixed aluminium frame scaffold is designed for the installation of structures that are quick to assemble and disassemble. The available decks, in steel, aluminium or multilayer, allow to choose the most suitable for every need.

Lunghezza modulifrom 1.5 m to 3.0 m;
Larghezza70 cm;
Assembly time:300 sqm of scaffolding, 3 people 1 day.

Quando usare un ponteggio fisso in alluminio?

For fast work such as painting a medium-sized house, this type of scaffolding is the right structure for you.

The low weight of the elements allows the structure to be set up in a very short time without neglecting the fact that the fixed scaffolding itself can also be transported by small vans. In addition, the smaller footprint in the warehouse compared to traditional fixed scaffolding has led many painters to purchase this type of structure. The manufacturers have completed this structure with a complete range of accessories, making this scaffolding adaptable to any shape of the building. The particular sturdy hooks of each piece have made the structure particularly performing in recent years to the point that it is able to support the compatible aluminium roofing. In addition, the wheels produced by most manufacturers, gives the possibility to make very handy scaffolding for internal work such as the laying of plasterboard. The aluminium finish, aesthetically pleasing, is well suited to interventions in prestigious or representative places such as churches and historic buildings, as well as in contexts open to the public during the work.

Campi d'impiego

Scaffolding for decoration and painting facades, maintenance in general, plasterboard and coat construction, churches and historic buildings and all uses where speed and safety of transport at high altitude is required.

Attention all data below may vary depending on model and manufacturer.

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