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Giusto mix tra tecnologia e innovazione

Ponteggi Euroedile has put its experience and knowledge into the field to create an innovative scaffolding: looking at it from a wider perspective, it needed a type of scaffolding that would avoid having the castle built from zero elevation and allow it not to interfere with the activities taking place on the upper level. Such a solution was fundamental for a roadwork in use because it allowed not to interrupt vehicular traffic and not to upset the road system.

Perchè usare un ponteggio sospeso?

For example, the idea of the suspension scaffolding was born out of the need to solve material and traffic problems and was first applied in Switzerland to the Ganterbruke viaduct, an important road nerve centre. Definitely a bridge of unusual large dimensions for the mountain environment but which is able to support two articulated bridges in the opposite direction.

In the project, studied in detail by the technical office of the Treviso company, no holes were provided for the fixing of the scaffolding except for those already existing from the threaded bars of the existing formworks and which guaranteed staticity to the structure.

Tramite piastre speciali, poi, a supporto del guard-rail, e predisposte per l’aggancio di catene in acciaio sull’ intradosso, è stato possibile sospendere il ponteggio. Gli operai hanno lavorato a 181 mt d’ altezza con clima invernale, neve e forti escursioni termiche anche di 10 gradi sotto zero.
Da questa intuizione, l’azienda non si è più fermata, diventando apripista nel settore: più di 700 ponteggi sospesi nelle più importanti infrastrutture viarie.

Campi d'impiego

The suspended scaffolding has found various applications and Euroedile Scaffolding has marked many successes in this regard: for example the Capodichino viaduct on the Naples ring road, the Colle d'Isarco viaduct on the Autobrennero, the Bisantis viaduct in Catanzaro... all examples of design and assembly of scaffolding at the highest level for important arteries of Italian road traffic. At Ponteggi Euroedile the dimensions are not frightening, on the contrary it is always hungry for new challenges!

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