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Ponteggi in Austria realizzati dall’azienda Euroedile Srl

Our technical know-how is unique and enviable, we are able to set up large scaffolds everywhere: with the professional reliability that distinguishes us, we have created a unique and continuously developing business in the construction market.

We have the ability to operate also in international territory in the field of the installation of fixed and electrical scaffolding at the service of any type of artifact such as bridges and viaducts, churches and bell towers, aeronautical and naval yards, dams, towers, aqueducts.

In Vienna they asked for our help to cover the temple of Theseus, a reconstruction of the famous temple in the city: with our scaffolding, we erected a structure that would cover the entire perimeter and then install roof panels.

Installing a scaffold in the very centre of Vienna was not easy, but thanks to the skill of our technical department and the staff in charge of all bureaucratic matters, we signed another success.

This is yet another demonstration that our scaffolding is a perfect match for cultural works. We perfectly succeed and scaffold any type of structure, we create ideal supports for restoration and maintenance works.

Il ponteggio di Ponteggi Euroedile fa rima con efficienza: studio, progettazione, tecnologia all’avanguardia. Dove c’è Euroedile, c’è un ponteggio di successo.

Visualizza una rapida sequenza fotografica delle varie tipologie di ponteggi: per dighe e centrali elettriche, per industria navale e petrolifera, per ponti, per viadotti, per chiese, per campanili, per restauri, per manutenzioni, per sostegni strutturali con puntellazioni e per nuove costruzioni edili.Visualizza una rapida sequenza fotografica dei vari prodotti: ascensori da cantieremontacarichiponteggi sospesiponteggi elettriciponteggi multidirezionaliponteggi fissiponteggi con allarme antintrusionecoperture per ponteggi linee vita.Informati sui vari servizi: montaggi e smontaggitrasportitrasporti con imbarcazione a Venezia, disegni e relazioni di calcolopost-venditaconsulenza.

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