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View our scaffolding in the provinces of Emilia Romagna - Italy

Ponteggi EuroEdile realizza opere utilizzando diversi tipi di ponteggio per imbastire qualsiasi forma architettonica utilizzando tecniche all’ avanguardia: vogliamo solo il meglio per i nostri lavori.

We create works of any size and in any context because our scaffold adapts to every situation.

When we build a scaffold, we want every stage to be complete and perfect. And this takes place in the company, before each project leaves for implementation.

We reconstruct the dynamics of implementation by studying the work plan and the specific machines that will help us to implement it, where every difficulty must be overcome and every doubt dispelled.

A Euroedile Scaffolding is a scaffold designed to set up your building in speed and safety.

We want each installation to be precise and on time because we like to deliver a perfect building site. Only the best and most efficient materials are chosen for each scaffold because they must adapt perfectly to the requirements of the work.

All these characteristics enable us to operate in Italy and abroad in the field of fixed and electrical scaffolding for any type of structure, such as bridges and viaducts, churches and bell towers, aeronautical and naval sites, dams, towers and aqueducts.

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