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Ponteggi edili in Svizzera realizzati dall’azienda Euroedile Srl

Euroedile srl was the only scaffolding company among those surveyed for the Ganterbrucke Viaduct recovery project able to carry out a work of this size according to Swiss regulations.

High 1469,15 mt. above sea level, it doesn't foresee any hole for the scaffolding fixing, if not the already existing ones left by the threaded bars of the formworks used to build the viaduct guaranteeing, at the same time, the static stability of the structure.

The workers, in order to assemble the scaffolding, have operated at a height from the bottom of the valley up to 181 meters, defying the hostility of the winter climate, with strong temperature changes and heavy snowfalls with minimum temperatures of the order of 10 degrees below zero.

This was also possible thanks to the use of special plates designed by Euroedile technicians, installed in place of the guard-rail supports, prepared for the attachment of steel chains to support the scaffolding of the soffit.

For the first time, therefore, the suspension scaffolding technique was experimented with.

By gathering the thirty years of know-how accumulated in the field, Euroedile has developed a particular scaffolding able to rationalize and reduce working times. From this point of view, the scaffolding structure to be set up is much lower than the traditional one that lays on the ground, uses 80% less material with a consequent reduction of the necessary manpower and, obviously, of transport costs.

Tecnicamente, il ponteggio sospeso viene utilizzato al servizio della parte inferiore dell’impalcato stradale, con delle tecnologie avanzate di montaggio.

Il ponteggio consiste in un piano, collegato con delle catene e tasselli all’intradosso dell’impalcato, che viene posto generalmente a 2 metri dalla zona di lavoro. In questa maniera, l’operaio del ponteggio può operare a servizio della parte sottostante l’impalcato in tranquillità e tranquillamente in piedi.

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