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Ponteggi per centrali elettriche e per dighe realizzati dall’azienda Euroedile Srl

In this photo gallery there are scaffolding for power plants and dams installed in the provinces of Udine, Treviso, Belluno, Trento.

Scaffolding at the service of dams and power stations requires specific design in order to reduce customer processing times; such works are in fact in most cases of considerable height and logistically very difficult to achieve, so the adoption of one scaffolding rather than another has a significant impact on the performance of the workers. As described above, the external surfaces of dams of considerable height are usually served by electric scaffolding or suspended work platforms so that the workers can reach any part of the dam while minimizing fatigue. Among the most important construction sites developed by Euroedile in this field are the Terna power plant at Redipuglia (UD), the hydroelectric plant at Vittorio Veneto (TV), the Sospirolo power plant (BL), the Cencenighe dam (BL), the Soverzene dam (BL), the Taio dam (TN) and the dam on the Lumiei stream (UD).

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