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Ponteggi per cantieri navali e industria petrolifera realizzati dall’azienda Euroedile Srl

In this photo gallery there are scaffolding for internal and external construction sites installed in the provinces of Padua, Venice, Rovigo, Treviso, Ferrara, Ancona.

Scaffolding in the service of shipyards and industrial yards requires specific knowledge of the sector as it must be functional to activities such as welding, grinding, sandblasting, painting and assembly. There is no specific scaffolding that is better suited than others for shipyards and industrial yards as there are countless cases and therefore each specific solution must be carefully evaluated by an expert technician in the sector. Among the most demanding scaffoldings from the design point of view, we must surely remember the one used for a ship at Fincantieri's shipyard in the port of Ancona where, in order to follow the hull's course, the scaffolding was set up with inward overhangs anchored with electromagnets. In addition to the above mentioned shipyards we include Enichem shipyard in Marghera (VE), scaffolding for the Simar-Tuban ship in Chioggia (VE), Petrolchimico di Ferrara, commercial port in Marghera (VE), petrochemical plant in Marghera (VE), Buzzi Unicem plant in Travesio (PN), scaffolding for Enel shipyard in Marghera (VE), Eni cooling tower in Venice (VE).

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