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Sostegni strutturali e puntellazione per ponteggi realizzati dall’azienda Euroedile Srl.

In this photo gallery there are scaffolding for external and internal construction sites installed in the provinces of Belluno, Vicenza, Treviso, Trieste.

Scaffolding in support of masonry and shoring of decks are highly demanding structures from the design point of view as they require a study that allows not only a simple site operation but also a static and dynamic analysis of the scaffold-masonry system. Over the years, Euroedile's Engineering office has analysed and built scaffolding with a very high difficulty coefficient. Among the most important works are the support of the masonry of the building in Via Giustinelli in Trieste, which has been completely demolished except for two facades subject to constraint of the Superintendence of Fine Arts; the facades not demolished have been connected to each other with Layher mullion and transom scaffolding whose purpose was to replace the structural function of the demolished floors. Result? The structure withstood multiple Bora winds whose speed exceeded 200 km per hour. Among the other structural scaffoldings carried out we remember the shoring of the Galleria di Santo Stefano di Cadore in Belluno, the support of the walls of Palazzo Marcati in Treviso, the shoring of the Palabassano trusses in Bassano del Grappa (VI), the support of the historical building in Piazza San Leonardo in Treviso, the structural scaffolding of Via Borgo Berga in Vicenza and finally the support of the main façade of the building located in Via Carducci in Conegliano (TV).

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