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A technical office without equal in the sector

We find the best solution than in the drafting of projects.

Our office is composed of about ten technicians who follow the customer step by step, from the identification of the best solution to make the site as simple as possible to the technical management of the site itself. The technical office is coordinated in the widest sense of the word by an enginnering office that directs the technicians both in the identification of the best solution and in the drafting of projects and calculation reports. In the current context where safety is the master in any place where work is carried out, the choice of internalizing the engineering branch has proved to be a winning one.

Immediate answers

Customers may receive immediate responses in relation to requests from those responsible for security during execution. The company has been involved in many complex projects able to test the most significant expertise in the field of scaffolding structures. EuroEdile has become in its field a point of reference for technical studies that have to face particular realizations. The company's experience in the management of construction sites for special works has grown over the years, has become increasingly specialized, and always brings new technological-constructive experimentation. The company is committed to the development of pilot situations, which also require the design of ad hoc automatisms that are studied by the Engineering department. EuroEdile studies integrated solutions, produces and tests the structural complex, calculating a synchronism between information technology and construction logic. To respond to the needs expressed, interdisciplinary staff are created, dedicated to the required feasibility studies.

Via dei Giustinelli, Trieste
Pantheon, Rome
Stone bridge Colle di Nava, Ormea (Cuneo)

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