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Il nostro parco mezzi per risolvere ogni tipologia di trasporto

Appropriate cars and vehicles are given to assembly teams, site technicians, sales officers and company management. All equipped with satellite system to better manage personnel and itineraries.

We immediately opted for the internalisation of the transport sector - using only randomly external transporters - in order to make the demand for supplies from construction sites fast and flexible. Transportation and logistics are managed in real time by a manager who interfaces with the personnel manager in order to fulfill requests from the construction sites in "real time". Every vehicle used for transport, whether it is a truck or a van, is equipped with a crane with a remotely controlled articulated boom for greater safety and speed. Each crane, of the most performing means, is equipped with a winch in order to be able to serve even the most inaccessible areas, for example at the bottom of the valley of a bridge or viaduct, being comfortably parked on the emergency lane or on the road deck. In addition, all the bodies are interchangeable and can be unhooked in order to optimize costs and logistics.

Trucks and vans with different loading capacities whose function is obviously to supply the scaffolding yards. The variability in the size of the vehicles thus makes any type of transport possible, it is no coincidence that the choice to equip the park with vehicles under 10000 kg and vans under 3500 kg was made to be able to reach even the narrowest spaces, such as the narrow alleys of the cities of art.

Trasporti aerei e via mare

For logistically difficult construction sites

For Euroedile there is no problem to which there is no solution. There is no place in the world where it is not possible to install a provisional work, be it a remote island or a cuckoo of a mountain; Euroedile is able to reach the most remote places either by sea or by air transport.

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