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Ponteggi Euroedile è una realtà internazionale del settore dei ponteggi.

Realizza ponteggi fissi, elettrici, in alluminio, ascensori da cantiere, montacarichi e navicelle aeree.

Ponteggi Euroedile è sinonimo di qualità, sicurezza e velocità: fin dalla posa del primo ponteggio, parte uno studio attento del manufatto dove ogni particolare è studiato alla perfezione fin dalla progettazione. Ed è per questo che puntiamo ad avere anche il miglior servizio di post-vendita possibile confezionato appositamente per ogni cliente che scelga il nostro ponteggio.

Post vendita competente

Our work is constantly followed and monitored because for us customer satisfaction is at the top of our assumptions, every scaffolding is our work of art. When we install a scaffold, we also activate our support service: one of our technicians is constantly at the customer's service because there must be no doubts.

Throughout the duration of the construction site, we watch over your scaffolding, we are promoters of planned and extraordinary maintenance: your lift will always be working, with the lift you will reach any height because it is always usable, the assembled scaffolding will not have any kind of defect and you will be able to finish your work quickly and safely. It is true that a construction site, in itinere, could undergo some changes: here is that the assistance of Euroedile Scaffolding is ready to amortize any type of cost and intervene to adapt the scaffolding to the new situation. A scaffolding installed by Ponteggi Euroedile is immediately clear and, with the millimetric precision of a technician, dutifully perfect.

Ongoing inspections constantly certify the scaffolding, we periodically take measures to ensure that the work continues in the only way we know of, i.e. one that knows no mistakes.

Every scaffeller who has worked with us knows this: Ponteggi Euroedile sciorina is proud of its proverbial problem solving. Problems in scaffolding? There are no such things as Eurofloor Scaffolding.

Euroedile Scaffolding creates works using different types of scaffolding to baste any architectural form using cutting-edge techniques: we want only the best for our works.

Scaffolding Euroedile is speed of execution with advanced techniques and modern scaffolding that allows you to optimize time and create the site as quickly as possible. Constantly updated techniques and continuous courses guarantee scaffolding that is always safely assembled.

Euroedile scaffolding, a perfect scaffolding in every respect.

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