Construction hoists scaffolding

Construction hoists scaffolding

A construction hoist essentially consists in an open basket, unlike the elevators, which feature a closed cab.

A construction hoist essentially consists in an open basket which is moved using a rack and pinion drive system and which allows people and things to be lifted. The basket slides up and down a mast formed by 1.5 m modular trellises, stacked one on top of the other and anchored to the building every 6/9/12 m.


from 12m/min to 24m/min

Load capacity:
from 300 kg to 5000 kg

220/380 V

Maximum height:
up to 300 m

from 1 m to 3 m

from 1.5 m to 5 m

Assembly time:
e.g., 1000 kg, 20 m high construction hoists, 2 people, 1 day

A construction hoist can be used as an alternative to a crane

With the added advantage that it can transport people

A construction hoist can be used as an alternative to a crane with the added advantage that it can transport people, also in light of the fact that in many situations there may not be enough room to set up a crane. It is also increasingly used in restoration works, building renovations and new constructions, as well as for maintenance works on bridges and viaducts where lifting things and people is often an issue that needs to be dealt with both in terms of health and safety regulations and worksite management costs. Faster movement of materials and people in fact leads to reduced operating costs and times. There are two types of product categories: a rack and pinion elevator to transport materials only, and a transport platform to move people.

We guarantee safety

The mast is composed of vertical trellises produced in various shapes and which can therefore be either triangular, square or flat. Square sections are used to build single cab construction hoists and twin cab elevators. The trellis racks can be welded or bolted. Current regulations require the open basket to be fitted with guard rails at a height equal to or greater than 1.1 m. The machine includes a number of safety devices including an emergency drogue parachute, an upper and lower safety limit switch and an interrupted rack on the end trellis. The loading bed is fitted with suitable disembarking systems for loading and unloading operations on the different levels. The machine’s rapid assembly has made it particularly popular over the years for quick jobs such as the installation of solar and photovoltaic panels. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices for any further information about transporting materials at height.

Application fields

Monumental restorations, historical building renovations, new constructions, refineries, chimney stacks, tanks, silos, dams, relocations, solar and photovoltaic panel installations, …all uses where materials need to be lifted and there is no room for a crane.

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