Thanks to the expertise acquired over more than 25 years in the market, EuroEdile has become a point of reference in its field as a consultant to engineering firms and all companies that need to develop complex projects. If you have even just one of the doubts listed below, at Euroedile you’ll find all the answers you need and more.

hich is the best performing scaffolding for the worksite I need to develop?

WIs it better to purchase or hire the scaffolding? And if I hire it, should I opt for a “wet” or “dry” rental arrangement?

What is the yearly cost of storing scaffolding?

Is it better to use fixed scaffolding or a mast climbing work platform in my worksite?

For rooftop only works, should I erect fixed scaffolding or install guard rails at height?

What’s more appropriate for my worksite, a construction elevator or hoist?

At what height does it become feasible to use a self-propelling platform instead of fixed scaffolding?

Is it better to erect the scaffolding in numerous phases or all at the same time for my worksite?

Which legislation should I refer to for fixed scaffolding and which legislation should I refer to for mast climbing work platforms?

If I need to buy scaffolding, based on the life cycle of the scaffolding and the types of works I normally perform, should I buy new or used scaffolding?

If I were to sell my scaffolding, how much would my equipment be worth?

How much time does it take on average to erect 200 m2 of fixed scaffolding?

How much time does it take on average to install a self-propelling platform?

How many square metres of steel scaffolding can I load in a van with a capacity of 10,000 kg? What about aluminium scaffolding? How much scaffolding can I load in a truck with a capacity of 100,000 kg?

Can I limit the temporary occupation of public space by using one type of scaffolding as opposed to another? Will occupation tax be limited by the solution I eventually choose?

Is it possible to leave the shops below the building I need to maintain completely free?

How can I protect the pedestrian path below my worksite? Vice versa, is it possible to create a pedestrian path using scaffolding elements?

How can I limit the fall of dust and/or materials from the scaffolding?

How can I protect my home from thieves attempting to climb up the scaffolding?

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