Rental scaffolding

Euroedile offers a rental service for all types of fixed scaffolding and mast climbing work platforms

A rental service for all types: prefabricated frame scaffolding, fixed scaffolding with stiels and transoms, aluminium scaffolding, self-propelled scaffolds, single and twin cab passenger hoists, construction hoists, suspended work platforms, temporary coverings.

due formule two rental formulas

There are essentially two rental formulas, wet and dry rental: dry rental consists in renting scaffolding equipment without assembly/dismantling services, while wet rental consists in a turnkey arrangement, whereby the equipment is rented inclusive of transport, assembly and dismantling. In many cases clients who opt for a dry rental service are also offered a planning service so as to avoid potential problems when erecting the scaffolding.


The demand for scaffolding and facade access equipment hire is continuously on the rise; one of the advantages of Euroedile lies in the provision of assistance and the systematic evaluation of worksite needs, in order to propose the best rental solutions in terms of both design and technology. Euroedile offers all types of equipment for rent, including traditional scaffolding hire solutions, as well as more technological solutions such as mast climbers, construction elevators and construction hoists. Thanks to the rental formulas, every job can be tackled with highly specialised and totally reliable equipment and materials, with a minimum capital investment. Another, no less important advantage for those who choose to hire scaffolding equipment, is the total elimination of handling and storage costs. The Euroedile scaffolding and facade access equipment rental system differs from the normal rental process thanks to the importance afforded to a preliminary worksite analysis: for Euroedile, an equipment rental service means identifying the most suitable solution and supplying the most efficient scaffolding and equipment. Given the complexity of the construction sector, rental arrangements represent a great opportunity for those who need to optimise their time and operating methods. To hire any type of scaffolding, simply contact Euroedile and request assistance for all your needs.

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Dalmine, Tractel, Condor, Alimak, Layher, Safi, Plettak, Maber, Pilosio, Elettroelsa, Fracasso, Salerno ponteggi, Ceta, Cimar, Eurotempo, Piat, Nuova Piat.

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