Equipment for facade works and for transporting

Euroedile is able to source and sell all types of equipment.

Euroedile is able to source and sell all types of equipment for facade works and for transporting materials and people at height; In particular, Euroedile sells fixed scaffolding and mast climbing work platforms, multidirectional scaffolding, suspended scaffolds, self-propelled scaffolding, construction hoists, construction elevators, formwork, waterproof coverings, aluminium H-frame scaffolding, security systems for scaffolding, scaffolding for events, podiums, stages, scaffolding and structures for roofs in aluminium and steel, temporary guard rails, scaffolding for shows and events.


All this at the best market price. This is possible thanks to business strategies that have been carefully perfected over the years, consolidated mutual trust, which over the years has been established with all the most important builders, and the many agreements stipulated with the majority of them. Other advantages offered by our sale service:

Deferred payments;

Financing at truly competitive rates;

Buyback formula.


Buyback = repurchase of material by Euroedile to recover part of the investment and avoid the non-profitable immobilisation of equipment.

EuroEdile can in fact repurchase products for which clients no longer have any need. The buyback formula is often proposed for long-term worksites where a rental arrangement would be counterproductive; the buyback scheme “blocks” the cost of the equipment and protects against unexpected costs in the event the worksite runs overtime for unforeseeable reasons such as natural disasters.

Brands treated

Dalmine, Tractel, Condor, Alimak, Layher, Safi, Plettak, Maber, Pilosio, Elettroelsa, Fracasso, Salerno ponteggi, Ceta, Cimar, Eurotempo, Piat, Nuova Piat.

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