Car, truck, van transport service

Our vehicle fleet to resolve all types of transport needs.

Suitable vehicles at the service of our assembly teams, worksite technicians, sales officers and company management staff. All equipped with a satellite system for the best management of personnel and itineraries.
We immediately opted to internalise our transport services – rarely resorting to external carriers – to improve the speed and flexibility of worksite procurement. Transport and logistics are managed in real time by a manager that interfaces with a team leader in order to satisfy client requests in “real time”. Every vehicle fitted for transportation services, whether a truck or van, is fitted with a remotely controlled knuckle-boom crane for improved safety and speed. Every crane on these high-performing vehicles is fitted with a winch in order to ensure access to the most difficult spaces, for example the valley floor of a bridge or viaduct, while remaining comfortably parked in the hard shoulder or on the roadway itself. Furthermore, cargo beds are all interchangeable with a roll-off mechanism so as to optimise costs and logistics.
Trucks and vans with varying loading capacities, the function of which is of course to supply worksites with scaffolding. The various dimensions of the vehicles mean that any type of transport is possible. The vehicle fleet purposefully includes vehicles under 10,000 kg and vans under 3,500 kg so as to reach the tightest spaces, for example the narrow lane-ways of cities of art.

Scaffolding by air and sea freight

Worksites that are logistically difficult to reach?

At Euroedile there’s no problem that can’t be solved. There’s no place in the world where a temporary structure cannot be erected, whether it be an island in the middle of nowhere or a mountain summit; Euroedile is in fact able to reach the most isolated locations via sea or via air.

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